Hyatt House Orange County

Whether you are visiting or an OC local, staying At the Hyatt House should be your family’s top choice. *This post is not sponsored*

A Few weeks ago my family and I decided to venture out of our own four walls and stay at Hyatt House Orange County. Like most of you, for the past 6 months we have been home with a few exceptions of picking up take out and running essential errands. We were kind of losing our mind to be honest and wanted something different then being at home while still being safe.

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Hyatt House Orange County

After doing a lot of research we decided on staying at the Hyatt House. It was far enough away to feel like a getaway without having to jump on an airplane to get there. We honestly had no agenda and planned to stay in the whole time. We just wanted to give us and the kids a different feel for a change.

Covid Procedures

It’s so strange having to even think about this stuff. Gone are the days where we could book a hotel room without thinking too much of it. Now we have to ensure all the safety precautions are in place to even feel comfortable to travel there. Honestly, I was really nervous of leaving our little bubble. But we knew that if we followed all the safety measures this would be a great experience for all of us.

Safety Measures in place:

  • Sanitizing every room
  • Social Distancing in public areas
  • Masks required when in public areas
  • Signage everywhere

After hearing of all their safety procedures we felt comfortable staying away at Hyatt House Orange County and we were so glad we did.

hyatt house orange county

Tips for traveling with Kids

To top off the stress of traveling during a pandemic add on traveling and packing for two toddlers. We wanted to make sure they were comfortable and entertained since we weren’t really going to go anywhere. So we decided to get them a brand new toy that they could open once we got there and packed their favorite stuffed animal and blanket. This helped them sleep in a different bed and got them excited to go to the hotel. We only stayed for three days and two nights but I swear I packed more this trip then I have for our previous Disney trips. Making sure you have everything you need for your kiddos is really important for a successful stay. A few things we packed that helped us.

Packing for toddlers:

  • Favorite Stuffed Animals and blankets
  • 2-3 Sets of Pj’s in case of accidents or spills
  • All the snacks
  • Bathing suit for the pool
  • Extra towels
  • Sound Machine for nap and bed time

Hyatt House Orange County Amenities

Apart from all the safety procedures we really liked that there was free breakfast every morning. One of the things I enjoy about staying in a hotel is waking up early and heading down to the lobby to pick up some breakfast and bring it back to our room. Normally the set up is different but Hyatt did a great job in making it easier and safe for everyone. Breakfast is served Mon-Fri 6am-9:30am & Saturday and Sunday 6am-10am. They have a set menu you can order from. There is a person with a mask and plexi glass behind the counter taking and packing up your food for safe transporting. We were pleasantly surprised by the food and joked that we would come back to the Hbar just for breakfast.

Room Service

We weren’t sure if they would still be offering room service but we were so glad they did. The food was amazing and if anything brings us back it’s this. The boys had pizza and a burger and K and I had Tomato soup and a side Caesar Salad. It was simple but honestly some of the best food we’ve had.

Local Area

Hyatt House Orange County is conveniently located near the 405 and 5 Freeway. It has a Target, Walmart and major grocery stores and shopping centers within miles for your convenience. It’s also surrounded by a ton of restaurants to choose from that offer pick up for your safety. There are a couple beaches just less than half an hour away if you stay during the summer months or brave it during the fall.

We are so glad we chose to venture out and were so happy with all the new safety precautions Hyatt House offered. It really helped ease any anxiety and worry about traveling during this time. I know traveling anywhere right now can be scary. I hope if you do decide to travel anywhere to please follow the guidelines and use your best judgement. At the end of the day it is what is best for you and your family to stay sane and safe.

– Cee



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