No Exit Press Conference Highlights

I had the opportunity to be a part of a press conference with the stars of No Exit coming to HULU February 25th.

No Exit Synopsis:

In “No Exit,” Havana Rose Liu (“Mayday”) makes her feature film leading role debut as Darby, a young woman en route to a family emergency who is stranded by a blizzard and forced to find shelter at a highway rest area with a group of strangers. When she stumbles across an abducted girl in a van in the parking lot, it sets her on a terrifying life-or-death struggle to discover who among them is the kidnapper. Directed by Damien Power (“Killing Ground”) from a screenplay by Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari (“Ant-Man and the Wasp”) based on Taylor Adams’ 2017 novel and produced by PGA Award winner Scott Frank (“The Queen’s Gambit”), the film stars Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” “Top Gun: Maverick”), David Rysdahl (“Nine Days”), Dale Dickey (“Winter’s Bone), Mila Harris (“Young Dylan”) and Dennis Haysbert (“Breakthrough”). 

Press Conference Highlights:

Brandon Davis from was the moderator of the No Exit press conference. We had a chance to hear from director Damien Power, and the cast: Dennis Haysbert, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl,
and Havana Rosa Lui.

Director Damien talks about how the novel had such a great story with twists and turns filled with thrill and was a great to story to create. He knew people would be excited for it!

Havana Rosa Lui shares how she fell in love with Darby right away and how she was such a create and complex character to potray.

the cast also mention how being quarantined for two weeks in New Zealand and then having to go and be in person to act was challenging but also helped each person bring out their character.

Then a few members of the press had the chance to ask a few question. One person asked Havana if it was real snow and how cold it was? Havana had mentioned that it was actually quiet warm and joked that the trembling was from heat exhaustion. Which really goes to show how incredibly talented these people are.

Another question was what elements of the novel were not added into the movie but that Damian might have wanted to add? Damien answers that there wasn’t anything he wished he had added. He mentioned the plot being close to the novel but with only a few minor tweaks for the characters backstory.

No Exit

This movie is a thrill ride! It has many twists and turns and I cannot wait to share my review with you guys this Friday! Be sure to check out No Exit on Hulu February 25th.


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